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Pamuk Durum ve Tahmin: 1998-1999

Proje Ekibi N. Akyıl  - Y. E. Ertürk
Yayın Tarihi 1998
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World cotton production increased slightly by one percent in the 1997/98 marketing year. At the same time, world consumption is expected to have remained flat. As a result, stocks to use ratio is not expected to change much. In 1998/99, this stuation is expected to change. Bad weather conditions are likely to reduce output. Although the economic crisis in Asia will probably reduce the consumption. On balance the market is expected to strengthen.

Cotton production in Turkey increased  by six percent in 1997/98 due to higher yields compared to previous year. Cotton could not have been planted on time in 1998/99 season due to bad weather conditions. Therefore, a reduction in production is forecast. It is also expected that imports will increase and stock to use ratio will decrease.

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