Agricultural Economics  
 Research Institute

Agricultural Economics Research Institute of Turkiye (AERI) was established in late 1996 as a part of the Turkish Agricultural Research Project.  AERI receives financial and technical support from a World Bank Loan.

AERI reports to the Minister’s Office (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs-MARA) through an Executive Committee, which oversees financial and administrative operations of the Institute.


The Institute has a two-pronged mission:
Research Program

In order to accomplish its mission AERI prepares and implements research projects and disseminate research results to appropriate audiences by publishing the research results and organising conferences and workshops.

The Institute is set up to fulfil a part of its research program in-house, to do joint work with other organisations whenever applicable, and to contract out certain projects that cannot be done in-house or through a co-operative research arrangement.

Research projects are carried out by the staff members seconded from MARA and research associates recruited from outside the government on short term contracts.  Research staff are organised  as project teams.

In order to utilise national and international expertise, AERI aims to collaborate in research with universities and other research centres in Turkiye and abroad.

AERI can engage other researchers at consultative capacity as well as it could be engaged in similar fashion by various clients of national and international origin.