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List of AERI Publications 


Working Papers

Project Reports

Situation and Outlook Reports








·       Akyıl, N., Özüdoğru, T. (ed.), 2001, “Cotton Sector in the Light of the Latest Developments” of the 4th Turkish Cotton, Textiles and Ready-Wear Sector Symposium (in Turkish), Publication No: 77, December 2001, Ankara.

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        Working Papers  

·          Binici, T., A. Koç, A. Bayaner, 2001, The Risk Attitudes of Farmers and The Socioeconomic Factors Affecting them: A Case Study For Lower Seyhan Plain Farmers in Adana     Province, Turkey, Working Paper 2001-1, Publication No:61, April, Ankara.  

         Fuller, F., A. Koç, H. Şengül and A. Bayaner, 1999, Farm-Level Feed Demand in Turkey Working Paper 99WP226, CARD, October, Iowa.

·       Tan, S. B. Şener, S. Aytüre, 1999, EU Guarantee and Guidance Fund and its Applicability in Turkey, Working Paper 1999-3, Publication No: 38, December,  Ankara. 

·       Şener, A., A. Koç, 1999, Fertilizer Demand in Turkey (in Turkish), Working Paper 1999-2, Publication No: 25, August, Ankara. 

·       Bayaner, A., V. Uzunlu, 1999, Impact of Turkish Marketing Policies on World Trade in Pulses, (in Turkish), Working Paper 1999-1, Publication No: 20, April, Ankara. 

·       Yıldırım, T., W. H. Furtan, A. Güzel, 1998, A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Wheat Policy in Turkey, (in Turkish),  Working Paper 1998-4, May, Ankara. 

·       Çakmak, E. H., H. Kasnakoğlu, T. Yıldırım, 1998, Economic  Analysis of Deficiency Payment Scheme  (in Turkish),  Working Paper 1998-3, April, Ankara.

·       Bayaner, A., 1998, Turkish Pasta Sector and its Competitiveness in International Markets (in Turkish),  Working Paper 1998-2, April, Ankara.

·       Fisunoğlu, M., M. Pınar and O. Aydoğuş, 1998, Agricultural Trade Prospects for Turkey with Central and Eastern European Countries and Russian Federation (in Turkish),  Working Paper 1998-1, March, Ankara.









        Project Reports  

·         Özüdoğru, T., Tatlıdil, H., 2001. A Research On The Impact Of A Rural Television Programme On The Farmers Behaviours In Polatli District, Project Report 2001-25, Publication No: 78, December, Ankara.

        Karahocagil, P., 2001, Defining The Optimum Farm Size Providing Minimun Income Level: Literature Survey, Project Report 2001-24, Publication No: 76, November, Ankara.

·         Malorgio, G., A. Koç, A. Bayaner, U. Kandemir, 2001, The Structure, Conduct and Performance of the Food Sector in Turkey, Project Report 2001-23, Publication No: 75,  November, Ankara.

·         Tan S., 2001, Analysis of Regional Structural Change in the Turkish Dairy Industry: A Spatial Equilibrium Model Approach, Project Report 2001-22, Publication No: 72, August, Ankara.

·         Abay C., S. Sayan, B. Miran, A. Bayaner, The Effects of Transfer to Agriculture on the Rate of Inflation, Project Report 2001-21, Publication No: 71, June,Ankara

·         Sarımeşeli, M., F. Tatlıdil, 2001, Agriculture and Forest Lands and Beneficiaries as a Part of Implementation of Direct Income Support and Registration System in Pilot Regions of Turkey Project Report 2001-20, Publication No: 70,  April, Ankara

·         Saraçoğlu, B., O. Aydoğuş, N. Köse, D. İşgören, 2001, Aquaculture Sector in Turkey: Production, Demand and Marketing Project Report 2001-19, Publication No: 69, April, Ankara.

·         Çakmak, E., H. Kasnakoğlu, 2001, Interaction Between European Union (EU) and Turkey in Agricultural Sector Project Report 2001-18, Publication No: 68, April, Ankara.

·         Demirci, S., 2001, Total Factor Productivities and Performance Analysis of the Turkish Sugar Factories: Dea and Malmquist Index Approach Project Report 2001-17, Publication No: 67, April, Ankara.

·         Zaim, O., A. Bayaner, M.U. Kandemir, 2001, Productivity and Inefficiency in Regional and Provincial Level Project Report 2001-16, Publication No: 66, April, Ankara.

·         Koç, A., A. Bayaner, M.U. Kandemir, 2001, Impact of the Customs Union and WTO  on Agricultural Trade Project Report 2001-15, Publication No: 65, April, Ankara.

·         AERI Staff, Input Use and Production Cost of Major Crops in Different Regions in Turkey,  Project Report 2001-14, Publication No: 64, April, Ankara.

·         Koç, A., H. Tanrıvermiş, F. Budak E. Gündoğmuş, H. İnan, A. Kubaş, B. Özkan, 2001, Pesticide Use in Turkish Agriculture: Inefficiencies, Issues and the Impact of Alternative Regulation Project Report 2001-13, Publication No: 63, April, Ankara.

·         Işıklı, E., A. Koç, B. Miran, N. Akyıl, C. Abay, S. Güler, C. Günden, 2001, Supply Control of Tobacco and its Economic Impacts Project Report 2001-12, Publication No: 62, April, Ankara.

·         Akdemir, Ş., T. Binici, H. Şengül, 2001, Identifying the Potential Demand for Area Based Index Insurance in Selected Regions of Turkey Project Report 2001-11, Publication No: 60, April, Ankara.

·         Alpay, S., İ. Yalçın, T. Dölekoğlu, 2001, The Impact of the Quality and Safety Standards on the Competitiveness of Turkish Food Industry Project Report 2001-10, Publication No: 59, April, Ankara

·         Bayaner, A., A. Koç, H. Tanrıvermiş, E. Gündoğmuş, N. Ören, B. Özkan, 2001, Evaluation and Monitoring of Direct Income Support System in Turkey Project Report 2001-9, Publication No: 57, March, Ankara

·         Ediz, D., A. Ş. İntişah, R. Özlü, 2001, Direct Income Support Pilot Project Project Report 2001-8, Publication No: 56, March, Ankara.

·         Yavuz, F., Ş. Aksoy, S. Tan, V. Dağdemir, A. Keskin, 2001, Need for Institutional Innovation for the Improvement of the Milk Marketing System in Turkey Project Report 2001-7, Publication No: 55, March, Ankara.

·         Koç, A., V. Uzunlu A. Bayaner, 2001, Baseline Projection for Major Agricultural Commodities in Turkey: 2000-2009 Project Report 2001-6, Publication No: 54, February, Ankara.

·         Koç, A., A. Bayaner, S. Tan, Y.E. Ertürk, F. Fuller, 2001, Analyses of the Impact of Support Policies and Programs on Animal Resources Development in Turkey, Project Report 2001-5, Publication No: 53, January, Ankara.

·      Ertürk, Y.E., 2001, An Economic Analysis of the Broiler Enterprises Producing Under Köy-Tür Vertical Integrated Marketing System in Kizilcahamam Districts of Ankara  Project Report 2001-4, Publication No: 52, January, Ankara.

·      Akgüngör, S., F. Barbaros, N. Kumral, 2001, Sustainable Competitiveness of the Turkish Fruit and Vegetable Processing Industry Project Report 2001-3, Publication No: 51, January, Ankara.

·       Özcan, Y. Z., 2000, Rapid Social Assessment of Hazelnut, Tea, Sugar Beet and Tobacco Farmers in Turkey Project Report 2001-2, Publication No: 50, January, Ankara.

·         Şengül, H., A. Koç, N. Akyıl, A. Bayaner, F. Fuller, 2001, Cotton Market in Turkey: Assessing the Factors Affecting the Future Cotton Demand (in Turkish and in English), Project Report 2001-1, Publication No: 49, January, Ankara.

·     Sarımeşeli, M., O. Aydoğmuş, 2000, An Econometric Analysis of The World Hazelnuts Market and  Determination of the Optimum Policies for Turkey, Project Report 2000-6, Publication No: 45, July, Ankara 

·       Dellal, I., 2000, Economic Analysis and Planning of Hair Goat Farms in Antalya Province, Project Report 2000-5, Publication No: 43, June, Ankara. 

·       Tanrıvermiş, H. 2000, Economic Analysis of Pesticide Use in Tomato Production in the Middle Sakarya Basin, Project Report 2000-4, Publication No: 42, May, Ankara. 

·       Tanrıvermiş, H., E. Gündoğmuş, V. Ceyhan, H. Fidan, H. Özüdoğru, 2000, An Assessment of the Impacts of Privatization Applications to Agricultural Sector in Turkey,   Project Report 2000-3, Publication No:41, May, Ankara. 

·       Demirci, S. 2000,  Direct Income System and Applications: Literature Survey,  Project Report 2000-1, Publication No: 40, May, Ankara. 

·       Saraçoğlu, B., N. Köse, 2000, Competitive Advantage of Turkey in Pasta, Biscuit and Wheat Flour Industries,  Project Report 2000-2, Publication No: 39 , May, Ankara. 

·    Kıral, T., H. Kasnakoğlu, 1999, Methodology for Revenue and Cost Calculation for Agricultural Products and Data Base Guideline, Project  Report 1999-13, Publication No: 37, December,  Ankara. 

·       Demirci, S. 1999, The Analysis of Welfare and Distributional Effects in Support Purchase and Deficiency Payments (the Example of Sugar), Project  Report 1999-12, Publication No: 36, December, Ankara. 

·      Brooks, J., A. Tanyeri, 1999, Agricultural Policy Reform in Turkey: A Social Accounting Matrix Perspective (in English), Project Report 1999-11, Publication No: 35, December, Ankara. 

·       Çakmak, H. E. , H. Akder, 1999, New Round of WTO Agricultural Trade Negotiations and Turkey: Opportunities, Constraints and Strategies (in Turkish), Project Report 1999-10, Publication No: 34, November, Ankara. 

·       Özçelik, A., H. Tanrıvermiş, E. Gündoğmuş, A. Turan. 1999,  Improvement Methods for Pricing Schemes for Water and the Functioning of Irrigation Unions in Turkey (in Turkish), Project Report 1999-9, Publication No: 32, November, Ankara. 

·      Koç, A. J. Beghin, F. Fuller, Ş. Aksoy, T. Dölekoğlu, A. Şener. 1999,  Oilseeds Market in Turkey: The Impact of International Price and Alternative Policies on Supply, Demand and Substitute Crops (in Turkish), Project Report 1999-8, Publication No: 31, November, Ankara.

·       Bayaner, A., 1999, Economic Analysis of Poultry Production in Çorum Province (in Turkish), Project Report 1999-7, Publication No: 23, July, Ankara.

·      Furtan, W.H., A. Güzel, G. Karagiannis, A. Bayaner, 1999, An Examination of Agricultural Productivity and Returns to Agricultural Research in Turkey, Project Report 1999-5, Publication No: 21, May, Ankara.

·      Yurdakul, O., et al. 1999, Livestock Supply and Feed Demand in Turkey: An Evaluation of the Current Situation and Alternative Policy Scenarios (in Turkish and English), Project Report 1999-4, Publication No: 17, February, Ankara

·       Akgüngör, S., B. Miran, C.F. Abay, E. Olhan, N.K. Nergis, 1999, A Study on the Estimation of Potential Demand for Organically Produced Agricultural Products in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir (in Turkish), Project Report 1999-3, Publication No: 15, February, Ankara.

·       Özçelik A., A. Turan, H. Tanrıvermiş, 1999, Contract Farming within Market Integration of Agriculture in Turkey and its Impacts on Sustainable Resource Use and Producer Income (in Turkish),  Project Report 1999-2, Publication No: 14, February, Ankara

·       Schmitz A., E. Çakmak, T. Schmitz and R. Gray, 1999, Policy, State Trading, and Cooperatives in Turkish Agriculture (in Turkish and English),  Project Report 1999-1, Publication No: 13, February, Ankara.








          Situation and Outlook Reports  

·            Y.E. ERTÜRK, S. TAN, 2001,  Poultry and Eggs Situation and Outlook : 2002 (in Turkish),  Situation and Outlook Report 2001-6, Publication No: 81, November, Ankara.

·            Y.E. ERTÜRK, S. TAN, 2001,  Livestock Situation and Outlook : 2002 (in Turkish),  Situation and Outlook Report 2001-5, Publication No: 80, November, Ankara.

·            S. TAN, Y.E. ERTÜRK, 2001,  Dairy Situation and Outlook 2002 (in Turkish),  Situation and Outlook Report 2001-4, Publication No: 79, November, Ankara.

·            I. Dellal, 2001,  Wheat Situation and Outlook 2001/2002 (in Turkish),  Situation and Outlook Report 2001-3, Publication No: 74, September, Ankara.

·            T. Dölekoğlu, 2001, Oilseeds and Vegetable Oils Situation and Outlook :2001/2002, (in Turkish), Situation and Outlook Report 2001-2,  Publication No:73, August,  Ankara.

·            Diken, T., Akyıl, N., 2001, Cotton Situation and Outlook: 2001/2002 (in Turkish), Situation and Outlook Report 2001-1, Publication No: 58, September, Ankara.

·         Dellal, İ., Ege, H. 2000, Feed Grains Outlook: 1998/99 (in Turkish), Situation and Outlook Report 2000-2, Publication No: 48, December, Ankara.           

·         Ege, H., I. Dellal, 2000, Wheat Situation and Outlook:2000/2001,  (in Turkish), Situation and Outlook Report 2000-1, Publication No: 44, July, Ankara. 

·         Akyıl, N., 1999, Cotton Situation and Outlook: 1999/2000 (in Turkish), ), Situation and Outlook Report 1999-8, Publication No: 33, December, Ankara. 

·         Ege, H., 1999, Feed Grains Outlook: 1998/99 (in Turkish), Situation and Outlook Report 1999-7, Publication No: 29, September, Ankara.  

·         Ertürk, Y.E., S. Tan, 1999, Red Meat  and Meat Products Situation and Outlook: 1999 (in Turkish), Situation and Outlook Report 1999-6, Publication Number: 28, August, Ankara. 

·         Tan, S., Y.E. Ertürk, 1999, Dairy and Milk Products Situation and Outlook: 1999 (in Turkish), Situation and Outlook Report 1999-5, Publication No: 26, August, Ankara. 

·         Aydoğuş, O., H. Ege and  N. Köse, 1999,  Wheat Situation and Outlook: 1999/2000 (in Turkish), Situation and Outlook Report 1998-4, Publication No: 24, July, Ankara.

·         Ege, H., Y.E. Ertürk, 1999, Feed Grains Outlook: 1998/99 (in Turkish), Outlook Report 1999-3, Publication No: 19, March, Ankara. 

·         Aksoy, Ş., A. Şener, 1999, Oilseeds and Vegetable Oils Situation and Outlook: 1997/98 (in Turkish), Situation and Outlook Report 1999-2, Publication No: 18, March, Ankara. 

·         Akyıl, N. 1999, Cotton Outlook: 1998/99 (in Turkish), Outlook Report 1999-1, Publication No: 16, March, Ankara.

·         Aydoğuş, O., H. Ege and  Y.E. Erturk, 1998,  Wheat Outlook: 1998/99 (in Turkish), Outlook Report 1998-3, December, Ankara. 

·         Akyıl, N., T.E. Ertürk, 1998, Cotton Situation and Outlook: 1998/99 (in Turkish), Situation and Outlook Report 1998-4, September 1998, Ankara. 

·         Ege, H., Y.E. Ertürk, 1998,  Feed Grains Situation and Outlook: 1998/99 (in Turkish), Situation and Outlook Report 1998-3, July 1998, Ankara. 

·         Aydoğuş, O., H. Ege and Y.E. Ertürk, 1998, Wheat Outlook: 1998/99 (in Turkish), Situation and Outlook Report 1998-2, July 1998, Ankara. 

·         Pınar, M., N. Akyıl, S. Er and Y.E. Ertürk, 1998, Cotton Situation and Outlook: 1997/98 (in Turkish),  Situation and Outlook Report 1998-1, January 1998, Ankara. 

·         Aydoğuş, O., H. Ege, Y.E. Ertürk and N. P. Zöğ, 1997, Wheat Situation and Outlook: 1997/98 (in Turkish),  Situation and Outlook Report 1997-1, December 1997, Ankara